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Diamond certificate just tells a small part about our fine diamonds. We are your local jeweler for high clarity diamonds. Our super zoom view of all certified loose diamonds will assure you about its color, clarity, cut, and sparkle.

Buy fine diamonds and customize it into a jewelry design that you wish to wear.

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Why to search a jeweler when you can create your own ring in the best possible design with Dana point. We have brilliant diamond color and clarity for you so go through the C’s of diamonds and Choose from our range of certified loose diamonds.

You can play with our filters to select a perfect setting and metal type that suits your diamond shape and style.

Diamond Certificate

Dana point jewelers have conflict free and certified loose diamonds. Our diamonds are certified by one of the top 3 grading laboratories: GIA, AGS, and IGI. The diamond certificates are displayed along with the loose diamonds on the site.

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Diamond Education

We have mentioned all the points about the C’s of diamonds below all the certified loose diamonds on the site. Our each diamond is individually selected and graded against its color, clarity, cut and carat weight so confidently select your diamond by reading our complete guide.

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